Terms & Conditions

Central Fire and Security Services LTD Home Security From £99



1.1 The Company – Central Fire and Security Services LTD (06036120) VAT Number 845260332

Registered Address – Jacksons , Ashtree Court,, Mellors Way, Nottingham Business Park. NG8 6PY

1.2 The Customer – Meaning a person , business or Individual who engages with Central Fireand Security Services LTD for the purpose of purchasing services and products.

2.0 Fees

2.1 The initial fee of £99 becomes due and payable immediately after the equipment has been installed. Subsequent monthly payments become due and payable immediately at monthly intervals.

2.2 The installer reserves the right to charge interest at 4% above the Bank of England’s base rate on any monies which remain outstanding for a period in excess of 28 days from the date of invoice.

2.3 The equipment

2.3a The equipment remains the property of the company until the contract has been completed.
2.4 All materials and workmanship installed will be fully guaranteed by Company for a period of one year from the installation date.

2.5 Should any faults develop within the guarantee period, then it will be repaired free of charge during normal working hours. For avoidance of doubt our working hours are from 0830 -1630

2.6 If during the course of the installation their maybe a requirement to remove carpets, floor coverings or flooring then no guarantee is implied or given as to the replenishment and relaying of the items.


2.7 The service contract can be cancelled at any time, by either the Company or the Customer, after the minimum service period (three years), by issuing one month’s notice in writing.

2.8 The service contract shall run for a minimum period of three years. No responsibility or liability whatsoever can be accepted by the Company for the telephone/network apparatus, telephone line/network rental or correct operation of the telephone/network service at the customer’s premises.

2.9 The service contract shall be deemed to be in force until such time as cancellation is effected.
3.0 Annual Charges

3.1 The Company will endeavour to keep the annual charges to a minimum, however the Company does reserve the right to increase the annual charge due to any increase in costs and additional expenditure.

3.2 The Customer shall provide and pay for the electricity supplied to the installation and shall at all times operate the installation with reasonable care.
3.3 The complete system will be checked, tested and adjusted periodically in accordance with the current British Standards and/or European Standards .

3.4 Any minor adjustments that are necessary and are required to keep the system in good working order will be carried out during this service at no extra cost.

3.5 No guarantee is implied or given on systems which are not maintained annually and are out of the initial 24 month guarantee period.
3.6 The standard service charge does not include the replacement cost of any equipment, batteries and wiring after the guarantee period. This is subject to normal useage including and/or the repairs being carried out between 0830 -1630
4.1 Working Hours

4.2 Monday to Friday 0830 to 16.30 hours, excluding bank and national holidays.

4.3 A 24 emergency call out service is provided with response within 4 hours but all such emergency calls will be subject to the charges prevailing at the time of the call.
4.4 All work carried out outside of normal working hours will be invoiced, without exception, at the current overtime or call out rates.
4.5 Any attempt to modify the system by any other person will invalidate our guarantee.
4.6 The company only accept responsibility for disposal of waste components installed by them.

5.0 These laws are governed and comply with the laws of England and Wales.