Fog Cannons

In today’s society burglars are more accustomed to technology than in previous years. Burglars know that it will take on average 10 to 55 minutes before mobile security guards and the police will arrive at the scene. On average a burglar only needs between 2-9 minutes to enter and steal from your premises.

Central Fire and Security provide and install burglar alarms, however as a leading security provider we also provide the Fog Cannon. With the Fog Cannon you are instantly protecting your premises in the valuable minutes between entry and the arrival of security/police.

  • Intruders are instantly caught unaware and immediately lose their sense of direction.
  • The Fog Cannon has an immediate effect by creating fear on the intruder.
  • Within a matter of seconds the intruder has been stopped and their intentions are reverted to an exit strategy.

For all enquires on Fog Cannons then please contact Central Fire and Security Services on 0800 781 72 74