Access Control Systems


Access control system by Central fire and Security Services provide the ability to control access of people entering and leaving property.

The system may help to protect staff and property, restrict access for unwanted guests and log time records of all activities of movements throughout your building.

Central Fire and Security Services provide a full range of products and systems, if you require a single door application or an integrated website programmed solution then Central Fire and Security Services will be the company to choose.

Included in our services are access control software, connected to a range of readers and Identification readers. Additional devices are available such as magnetic strip, keypad proximity, biometric, card printers and smart card readers.

Benefits of Access Control Systems by Central Fire and Security Service

  • Server compatibility
  • PC based system
  • Full Data management for the property
  • Allowing access for people entering and leaving
  • Integrated access control with alarm and CCTV systems
  • Standard readers
  • Smart card readers
  • Access system
  • Lift control
  • SQL database

For all enquires on Access Control Systems then please contact Central Fire and Security Services on 0800 781 72 74